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Top 7 Variations you should know Before Playing Teen Patti online

  • Published Date October 16, 2017
  • By ridhima arora
The extremely popular card game, Teen Patti, often referred to as the Indian version of Poker, is a very interesting game. Whether you win or lose, everything in Teen Patti is an enjoyable experience altogether. However, every participant of the game will have to ensure that they follow Teen Patti rules carefully throughout the game.
Once you are okay with the knowledge of the rules, then you can easily rock any Teen Patti games online. Those who won’t participate can still enjoy the fun by being a spectator to the same. Let us check out some of the top Teen Patti variations:
1) Sudden Death: This usually happens at the end of the game. Just distribute the equal pack of cards to various players. Now, hold and drop the cards until another participant shouts “stop”! Out of the remaining cards, you will have to pick out the one that has a maximum value. That card will win.
2) Keep It in Odd Sequence: Instead of choosing general sequence, ideally cards should be kept as Ace-2-3 or Jack-Queen-King, or use alternate cards to complete the sequence: 9, Jack, King or keep it as Ace, 3, 5.
3) 369 and a one-eyed Jack: In simple terms, the jack of Spades and Hearts are called one-eyed jacks. Other two jacks are not one-eyed like diamond and clubs. Even certain colors of 369 jokers are there in the Online Teenpatti game while others are ordinary.
4) High-low: Usually, the card having the minimum value becomes the card with the maximum value within the process of the game. Also, the card with the highest value becomes the lowest one.
5) Red and Black Card: After each round, a fresh card is placed. When the card in the center is red either hearts or diamonds then the game is played normally. The value of the card is declared as the joker. Alternatively, when the card in the center is seven of Hearts, then all will turn into Joker. However, if the card is black, then the lowest value card will become the cards with the highest value.
6) Folding Joker: Under this process, every player is given four cards, though the last one remains unseen and hidden from the other three. The third card dealt acts as a joker for all.
This can be better illustrated with the following example; Mr. A has 7 of Hearts, 6 of Spades and 9 of Diamonds plus an unseen card. Similarly, Mr. B is having 8 of Clubs, 8 of Diamonds and 4 of Hearts. Now, the jokers in the game will be 4 of Hearts and 9 of Diamonds for all participants.
7) The ol' card on the forehead (or Head): In this rule, all participants get a card. However, a player without looking at a card, sticks it on the forehead. Now, all participants can see each player’s cards, but not their own. The suspense builds up as everyone thinks their card of more value while playing Teen Patti card game. That’s the beauty of this game; Unpredictable and unexpected results with fun, all the time.
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