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Popular Teen Patti Variations

  • Published Date June 1, 2016
  • By Admin

Teen Patti is arguably the most popular card game in India, thanks to the endless excitement and thrill it provides to the players. Also it can be played with utter ease as the rules are fairly simple.

Also known as 3 card flush in some live casinos and gaming sites in India, this game has grabbed a lot of attention and has become excessively popular in the recent years.

What makes teen-patti card game even more interesting are the variations associated with this three card game!

Although you can come up with endless possible variations to add more zeal to the game, but here are a few popular variations:



Three cards are dealt to each player and apparently the one with the weakest hand wins this one. Often becomes the favorite spot for players to bluff, owing to the rules being completely opposite as compared to the normal teen-patti

Two Cards deal:


As the name explains it, two cards are dealt face down to each player and players have to assume a third card of their choice to make the best hand as per the normal teen-patti rules.


Four cards deal:


This is my favorite! Four cards are dealt face down to each and everyone has to simply discard one card and make the best hand. A lot of players may often get very strong hands owing to the four cards being dealt and increasing the probability of a stronger teen-patti hand.

Highest Card and Cards are Joker:


Players are dealt three cards each just like in normal teen-patti. But the difference is that the highest among the three cards dealt will act as a Joker and one can assume and substitute it for any card to make it the best possible hand. Example: If a player has 10 hearts 10 diamonds and Jack of spades, in this case the highest card being the Jack can be assumed as a 10 of any of the remaining two suites, thus making it a trail (also known as three of a kind)

Lowest Card and Cards are Joker:


Same as the hand mentioned right before this just that players will replace or substitute their respective lowest card or cards among the three cards dealt to them. Example: A player holding two Queens of any suite and a deuce (any suite) to go with it, their hand will be a trail of Queen, as the lowest card i.e. the deuce will act as a Joker.

Single Card Deal:


Last but not the least is the single card deal, where each one is dealt a single card and then one card (community card) is randomly picked up from the remainder of the deck. A player firstly has to use the card dealt to him and the community card (common for all) and then assume one to make the best hand.

So if you already haven’t, I really hope you try your hand at teen patti card game variations, next time you organize teen-patti session with your friends!

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