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Try your hand at Teen Patti Card Game Variations

  • Published Date September 13, 2017
  • By ridhima arora

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As we approach October it’s an indication that our Indian festivities are just around the corner which means it’s time for some serious indulgence. It’s my favourite time of the year and it’s full of hearty fun with friends and family.  

Or number 1 indulgence is Teen Patti card game- an absolute crowd pleaser. Our Teen Patti card game is anything but ordinary so I want to share with you some of the variations we usually play:-
1. Joker-
A Joker card is shown on the table. All the cards of the rank of the Joker regardless of the suit can be used as a substitute for any other card. A player with highest rank cards is a winner. For example, 4  is a joker and your cards are Ace-3-4. Then 4 of every suit is a Joker and you can treat 4 as 2 and your cards become a high sequence of A-2-3.
2. Lowest Card Joker-
The lowest ranked card from your hand is considered as Joker.
For example, your cards are J-K-10. In such case, 10 will be the joker and can be substituted as Q. Thus, you gain a high sequence of J-Q-K. Likewise, it goes for the Highest Card Joker wherein the highest card from your hand is considered as the Joker. But do not forget, the ranking of hands is still as per normal Teen Patti rules where Joker is replaced with a better card.
3. Muflis- 
The rules are opposite to a normal Teen Patti games. The player with the worst Teen Patti sequence beats the player with the best sequence. The most favorable winning hands can be a 2-3-5 or 3-4-7. So, don't worry if you have got poor cards, they can make you win in the game of Muflis.
4. AK47-
In this variation, cards with rank A, K, 4 and 7 are considered Jokers. You can end up having multiple Jokers in a single hand fetching you to win with a trail that tops the hierarchy.
5. 10x Boot-
This variation is played as per the normal rules except, the boot is 10 times the normal boot amount. Similarly, chaal and blind will be based on the boot amount of the round. You have to be cautious in it due to the high amount at stake. So, to avoid losing chips/points make a quick decision of either chaal or pack in this variation.
6. Maatha (forehead)-
As the name suggests, this variation has everything to do with your forehead. Each player gets one card and without looking at your card, just stick it to your forehead. This way all the players can see everyone’s cards except for their own. You play this game purely on luck based estimates. The suspense is awesome and cards held to the head always make for a hilarious scenario.
7. Card, color, burst-
Here, after the dealer distributes 3 cards each to all the players, he draws 3 face-up cards on the table. Out of these, first will be the card that defines the number which becomes Joker irrespective of the suit. The second is the color card and as the name suggests, all cards dealt with the same color will be Joker. And the third is burst. If any of the players are dealt with this card then they have to compulsory pack from the hand.
8. Discard one-
In it, instead of being dealt three cards, each player is dealt four cards. Each player chooses their best three cards from the hand they are dealt and discard the fourth.
9. Red and Black-
Three cards are dealt with all players and then one card is dealt in the middle. After each round, a new card is turned over in the middle. If the card is red, the game is played regularly with that card being a joker. On the other hand, if the card is black, the game turns into muflis where the lower value hand wins. These games can go on for quite a bit.
10. King Little-
For each player, of the three cards, the smallest card is the Joker. Also, all the Kings are jokers. Hence, if you get a King then you are quite lucky as the chances to win increase. The player with highest rank cards is the winner. Similarly, you can try variations with Queen little or Jack little.
Well it doesn’t have to end there, you can now continue to enjoy teen patti games all year around by playing them online. And you can do so right here on Gamentio by playing Teen Patti and it's variations. I hope this blog will help you win online 3 patti games. We have more tips for you to master Teen Patti Card Game.
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