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Why Should you Play 3 Patti Online?

  • Published Date December 31, 2020
  • By Admin

Playing teen patti for real is undoubtedly all-time favourite card game, but the level of excitement is doubled when playing online. Teen Pathi or Indian poker, the Indian gambling game has been a long-standing staple in many Indian households for decades. The recognition of 3 patti game appeared to wane, but with its digital avatar it Reasons to play online 3 patti or teen patti game on Gamentio gained back it’s popularity

The online version of teen patti retains the touch of the physical version. The rules and the basic gameplay are the same; only the platform is changed. This is the reason for its popularity among many Indians. 

These sites bring the virtual version of 3 patti, which was previously limited to the close friends and family circle. To play your favourite game, all you have to do is download teen patti app for free on your Android or iOS devices to play this amazing game anytime, anywhere. With its online avatar you can play your favourite game on the go, at any hour of the day.  

Private table:

Play with your family and friends by creating your own private table 

Private rooms are one of the exciting features of the online avatar of the game. With the “Play with Friends,” feature you can play with your family and friends by creating your own private table. You can even play with your loved ones who sit halfway across the world. Playing with your loved ones virtually from any corner of the world and in any time-zone not only provides great pleasure and joy, but it also becomes very entertaining and livelier. Enjoy this exciting card game as if you are playing together on a table. 

User-friendly interface: 

Not all 3 patti game lovers are tech-savvy! They want a site that provides a player-friendly interface that recreates their excitement and keeps it forever going. There are many famous online platforms that fulfil all this and deliver a radiant table and provide a smooth and easy-to-navigate interface, thus offering the players - an ultimate gaming experience. Also, the graphics are so real and vivid that you feel as if you are playing in a real casino. With 3D tables and different avatars, you can choose your favourite avatars and compete with real players without revealing your identity. This definitely adds to the excitement of the game. 

Virtual Classroom:

Gamentio classroom helping you to familiarise with the game  

Even though you are familiar with the rules of the teen patti games, there is nothing better than practising the game before entering to play in a real environment. Doing so will help you to familiarise with the game and to understand how the game moves on the live screen. This also helps you to get to know how the site operates, and you don’t make the mistake of making a wrong move at a crucial time. Seeing players winning with huge points can be intimidating. So, an online platform is perfect for those who are just starting and are hesitant about the game. 

Exciting Variations:

Teen patti variations are what that attracts more people. There are numerous other variations to choose from. Variations like AK47, Muflis, 4X boot, 999, Joker, Highest card joker, Lowest card joker, etc. If you want to add more fun to your gameplay session or want a break from the typical 3 patti game, try these exciting multiple variations. Choose variation according to your preference and enjoy the thrill. 

Teen patti tournaments: 

If you are a die-hard teen patti fan, then the best thing that has happened to this incredible game is the teen patti tourneys. You can play tournaments for free, whose only purpose is to have fun and entertainment. Whereas those who want to win a handsome amount of money can play for real money too. To participate in the tournament, you can either buy the coins or earn by playing 3 patti online. Teen patti tournaments are the most talked feature because of the opportunity to win amazing products and prizes. 

Chat feature:

With the game chat feature, you can chat with real-time players and even your friends. With this awesome feature, you get a chance to interact and socialize with the players from various backgrounds and countries. Not only this. Express your emotions with emojis to your fellow players. So, make unlimited new friends from the comfort of your home. 

Now you know the benefits of online 3 patti game online play, why don’t try a hand? Grab your phone, register for free on your favourite site and play teen patti from the comfort of your home with just a tap on your screen. 


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