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Why Teen Patti Real Cash Games is Illegal in India But Rummy is Not

  • Published Date July 9, 2020
  • By Admin

Why Teen Patti Real Cash Games is Illegal in India But Rummy is Not

Teen Patti is a card game most popular in Indian culture. It is similar to the card game known as 3-Card Brag. In India, it is a game that enjoys a great social acceptance. However, it is still not clear why Teen Patti card game is considered illegal in India.

According to the Public Gambling Act 1867, games based on skill are distinct from games based on chance. Skill games are deemed legitimate because they are not based on luck. We have acknowledged card games like rummy legal due to the skills needed for playing. But Teen Patti game online also needs skills to win the game. One could argue that because only a very small number of cards are dealt isn’t apparently a game of skill. But, on the other hand seasoned players will say that it requires analytical skills and foresight. 

In a Teen Patti card game, three cards are distributed to each player and they have to play their hand based on the basics of the cards distributed, without any scope to alter their hands. Although it is a game of luck, with sets of skills strategies and Teen Patti tips, you can increase your chances of winning. There are many innovative approaches to improve your chances of winning. You can read about approaches here

While calculations don’t play a very major part of Teen Patti, much of the work goes into psychology. Players must keep a close watch on their opponents, their body language and betting pattern. They must keep a poker face and be confident in calculating and should also know when to take concrete measures to win. Such skills required to win the game does not make Teen Patti based on mere chance. Of course, in moments of excitement and overconfidence, one may tend to “gamble” by placing large bets or playing blind hands based on previous luck victories. But all wins are not based on pure luck.

Online gaming has allowed Indians to play Teen Patti freely. They have been playing Teen Patti and various other card games extensively online. The loophole in the law does not state it to be illegal if played online via sites based in countries other than India. A player can easily sign-up on online Teen Patti casinos which is based outside of India in order to play real money games. This is because the online casino sites and the applications are operated outside India. There are innumerable apps that allow us to play Teen Patti from the comfort of your home. There are many Teen Patti apps that allow playing in virtual currency instead of rupees. 

Nonetheless, we are still gambling. For this reason, online casino games are rising rapidly in India. People in India are spending enormous money on real cash games and frequently playing in digital casinos. This game is among a few casino games which are seeing high spending. A player can download TeenPatti app available in India for free. They can play with different players across the globe. Players can start playing for free. But once they run out of chips, they have to buy more. There are also Teen Patti tournaments that are held daily on the websites. Teen Patti enthusiasts participate and compete with professional players. The company makes money by selling those chips and from advertising. 

While it is illegal to gamble in India, states like Goa and Sikkim allow the playing of card games such as Teen Patti on land. If Teen Patti is legalised, then the government can easily convert a lot of black money (spent on Teen Patti) into taxable revenue. But all that is still a distant dream. For now, the legal system of India only allows for skill-based games, and Teen Patti remains completely illegal. 

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