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How to get free chips in Teen Patti

  • Published Date April 8, 2016
  • By Admin


Teen Patti, also known as Flush or Flash or Indian Poker, has been in the mainstream of card games since generations. Apparently Teen Patti has turned out to be a huge success in the world of social casino games as well.

Since then the players have been looking for tricks to avail free chips. Many of the gaming sites have their own methods to avail free chips. One of the accessible way to pull more chips is to play more but there are many other tips which helps in simplifying the task of getting free chips.

In this blog I’ll be sharing with you the common tricks to win free chips in Teen Patti on Gamentio.


Share and Earn

Facebook has been the most conducive platforms when it comes to earning chips in Teen Patti. One of the most common practices is sharing the application on facebook and inviting your friends.

one click share.png

For a player who is fiercely in need of free chips, this trick solves your purpose instantly. All one needs to do is to share the application with their friends using in-game buttons.The more the shares the more the Points but you can only avail 2400 chips in a day via sharing the application, though you can share with as many people possible.

The mathematics is pretty elementary in this case, sharing your application with a friend you gain 60 Points  and 2400 chips valid for a day.

This method is majorly exercised, as this is the most reachable of all the others.


Maximise your chips by referrals

Referrals have been in a trend lately. With social media skying high, many gaming sites are using social media as a platform for their users to pull off chips. In Gamentio, the players get 5000 free chips per new registration via referral.

invite and earn.png

All you need is to invite your friends to play Gamentio using your Sharer ID. Once they register themselves on Gamentio, 5000 free chips will be added to your account automatically.

Again this does not take much of effort, it is as easy as a pie, all you need to do is to ask your friends to register via the link or the unique sharer id. You can share this link on Facebook or on WhatsApp from within the game with a couple of clicks. The other way is to share this link via email to your contacts. Once a person registers via the link or unique sharer id, you will receive the chips automatically. The benefit for the new joinee is that s/he gets 20,000 chips instantly to start them off with Gamentio.

So, if 10 people register via the link you share you avail 50,000 free chips. Also there is no limitation to the number of people you ask to register.


Time + Practice = Chips

The old saying goes ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is applicable in Teen Patti as well.  Amongst the other practices the time spent on the game is the most primitive. This practice is not a task at all, the more the time the more the chips.

teen patti.png

One of the most phenomenal methods is to play for a longer duration. Every time a player plays a hand on in Teen Patti on Gamentio, the player earns 1 Point.

Primarily these Points are used for redeeming Gifts/recharge coupons but you can also redeem these Points for chips.

100 Points = 1000 chips

So, the rule is simple - play more to earn more.

Teen Patti doesn’t require much of skills as compared to Poker and Rummy, so learning the tricks and tips of Teen Patti doesn’t take much of time. The time you invest on the game is directly proportionate to the chips you earn in the game.


Hereby, I conclude my article, hope you find it useful, you can also comment your inputs in the comment box below.

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