List of Popular TEEN Patti Variations

The extremely popular card game, Teen Patti, often referred to as the Indian version of Poker, is a very interesting game. Whether you win or lose, everything in Teen Patti is an enjoyable experience altogether. However, every participant of the game will have to ensure that they follow Teen Patti rules carefully throughout the game.

Once you are okay with the knowledge of the rules, then you can easily rock and play any Teen Patti games online. Those who won't participate can still enjoy the fun by being a spectator to the same. Let us check out some of the top online Teen Patti game variations:

Top online teen patti game variations

  • Lowest Card Joker
  • Muflis
  • Highest Card Joker
  • AK47
  • Joker Card
  • Folding Joker
  • Two Card Deal
  • Four Card Deal
  • Single Card Deal
  • Maatha (forehead)
  • 10x Boot
  • Card, Color, Burst
  • Keep It in Odd Sequence
  • High-low
  • Red and Black
  • Discard One
  • King Little
  • Sudden Death

369 and a one-eyed Jack

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