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15 Tips to Avoid Failure in Teen Patti

  • Published Date September 14, 2019
  • By Admin

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Playing Teen Patti online is exciting and fun. Many people assume that they can play this game unprepared. But like any card games, you need to be prepared for this game too. Whether you are playing for fun or money, your aim is to win the game. Although Teen Patti card game is considered a luck game, by applying the following tips you can turn the game in your favour. Let’s discuss them.

Tip1: How much a player wants to bet depends on how much they are willing to risk or lose. But, we recommend that a player should always start with low bets and gradually increase the bet depending upon their hand strength or when they are confident about their cards.

Tip 2: Although Teen Patti is an easy game, a novice player might find it challenging. That’s why they must familiarize with the Teen Patti rules. It is pointless for a player if they think they can win the game without knowing the rules.

Tip 3: When you start the game of Teen Patti you can play blind. By playing blind you are conserving your capital, as your bet will be low in comparison to the seen players. Play bind if you have an indication that the seen players have weak hands. Keep your risk low by placing the minimum bets.

Tip 4: A player can choose the sideshow option after placing their bet. The sideshow option is used with the player who has placed a bet just before you. A player should make this move when they are not sure about their cards. Out of the two, whosoever has better cards, continues playing.

Tip 5: Never go to play Teen Patti without a solid strategy. Even if the game might seem easy, it does take experience and hard work to reach the best possible results.

Tip 6: If you have got a good card, do not instantly place a higher bet as most of the other players do. Take your time to play your turn. A higher bet at the beginning will cause players with weak hands to fold their cards and you will lose out on a good amount of pot.

Tip 7: Also, you can bluff with lower cards. But remember one thing never show your low cards expression. Confuse your opponents to the extent that they pack their cards. Placing bets frequently makes the players think that you have a stronger hand and might force them to fold.

Tip 8: When in doubt, pack. This will help you to reduce your losses. When your gut tells you to stop, you should listen to it and fold your cards. Remember, the Teen Patti card game is all about choosing the right moments to bet.

Tip 9: Maximize the pot before the showdown, don’t do that right from the start as you might end up telling other players that you have great cards.

Tip 10: Be focused on each hand you play. Try to make the most out of it and don’t show any sign of weakness if you have bad cards.

Tip 11: Don’t get disheartened, when you lose a game. You will be dealt with good cards in one of the rounds. A lot of players who lose jump from one room to another, without even realizing that it costs them more. So, always start with a fresh mind.

Tip 12: Study the behavior, expressions and playing pattern of other players on the table and ensure to keep your behavior and expression neutral. Which means that if you have strong hands, don’t be in a hurry to increase your bet. Be calm and patient and let the pot grow, else other players with weak hands will end up folding their cards.

Tip 13: A player should be aware of the ranking of the hands. It means they must know which cards are considered good hands and which are bad which might lead to losing the game.

Tip 14: As there are many variations in the game, they must practice all the variations before starting the game. If a player has experience in one variation it does not mean that they might be expert in others also. For this, a player must practice other variations as well.

Tip 15: Last but not the least, a player should never bet at first when they have good cards, and never fold first when they have not so good cards. There is always a chance to be too expressive or too frightened.

Teen Patti card game rules are very simple. Learn everything about how to play this game, the tricks and strategies on Gamentio. Download the app, get opportunities to win amazing rewards and experience the never-ending world of extreme fun.

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