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What is the best betting strategy for Teen Patti?

  • Published Date March 29, 2019
  • By Admin

online teen patti game

If you love to play card games, then you must have played the ever famous card game called Teen Patti. It is obviously a game of luck, but a player must not entirely depend on luck to win. Sometimes a player gets a good hand and sometimes a bad hand. If you are having a bad hand, it doesn’t mean that you will not win that game. Rather, the player should adopt some best betting strategies in order to win the game. Let’s discuss the Teen Patti strategies that will greatly impact your game in a positive manner.

Play blind in Teen Patti

If a player opts to play blind, this means that he hasn’t seen his card yet. The bet he places will be less than the players who have seen their cards. By playing blind your stakes will be low. If the players think that the players with the seen cards have weak hands then better are the chances of winning for the players who are playing blind. Obviously, this depends on luck, but with experience, you certainly become better in executing this strategy.

Prefer for sideshow option

You can ask for a sideshow only if you have seen the cards and the player who has bet before you has also seen the cards. After you place the bet, you can see the cards of the player who placed the bet before your turn. The player with the best hands stays in the game. You should only use this move for sideshow if you are confident enough that you have better hands than the last better.

Play chaal

A player can see the cards anytime they want. After seeing their cards they can place the bet when their turn arrives. If a player feels that his cards are strong enough, then he can continue to place his bet and can even increase the bet also. By doing so, this may also sometimes bluff your opponents into folding their hands.

Pack or fold

When you think that your cards are not that strong enough to win the game, then immediately you should pack or fold your hands. This will help you to reduce losses and also conserving your capital by not putting any money in the pot. If you decide to pack or fold this means the money you bet is forfeited.

Although the game is simple and fun, but never play this game unprepared. Teen Patti games can increase your profit or save your capital if you implement these strategies the next time, when you will 3D Teen Patti online. If you are a beginner, you can learn Teen Patti game online. All you have to do is, download Teen Patti app for free and play until you become confident in implementing your strategies while playing for real money. Are you a novice player? Don’t worry. You can learn Teen Patti rules on Gamentio to make no mistake at the table battle.

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