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How To Play Teen Patti

In Gamentio Teen Patti the players join a room to play, based on how much ($50, $100, $250) they want their minimum stake in the game to be. All the players contribute this amount which comprises the Pot (at the centre of the table) as Boot or Ante.

The Game begins by 3 cards being dealt to each player, facing down. The letter ''D'' appears on top of the player who is the Dealer (gets to go first), and, ''B'' appears on top of the player who posts the Blind (gets to go after the Dealer).

The players now have a choice to either see their cards (herein known as Seen), or, continue in the game without seeing their cards (herein known as Blind).

Since the game of Teen Patti is all about taking calculated risks, now comes the betting. Depending on whether a player is playing Seen or Blind determines the value of the bet he/she may place,

IF -:

  • -- A player who is playing Blind places a bet, the minimum value of the bet is the same as the stake value of that table and maximum is twice that of the minimum stake.
  • -- For a player who has Seen his/her cards the minimum value of a bet (herein known as Chaal) will be twice that of a previous Blind bet, or, equal to a previous Seen bet. The maximum value of a bet cannot exceed four times the bet of the previous player.
  • -- A player doesn't wish to bet further or wants to withdraw from the game, they may Pack and leave the game. By doing so, they only lose the amount of chips they have bet in the game up to that point. Further betting will have no effect on this player's chips.
  • -- When more than two players are playing, one player may ask for a side-show of cards from the immediately preceding player. The cards of both these players will then be revealed to each of them and the player with the better set of cards will continue in the game. The other player is automatically removed from the game and loses the amount of chips he/she has bet in the game until then. Once the game continues, further betting, will not have any effect on this player's chips.

The betting comes to an end when one of the following conditions is met -:
  • -- All players but one, have folded. The money in the Pot is awarded to the player who survives till the end.
  • -- All players but two, have folded and one of the surviving players asks the other for a show of cards. The winner is adjudged by way of comparison of the cards held by both the surviving players. The player asking for a show of cards has to contribute to the Pot for the same.